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Used Car Sales Take Way of the Web

Used Car Sales Take Way of the Web

The web is no stranger to the automotive industry. In recent years, dealerships have found success in displaying their inventories online, driving more consumers to their lots, who consequently drive away with a new/used car. Several years ago, eBay took it a step further and allowed private sellers to list their cars on their eBay Motors platform. In the second quarter of 2013, $1.8 billion worth of cars were sold on eBay Motors. Unfortunately eBay didn’t adapt to consumer responses and eBay Motors could be considered a laughable pile of scrapped vehicles. Dealerships have pressed on, however and more are migrating to the web.

What It Means for Dealerships

Traditional auto dealerships, be them new or used are guilty of the same offense as eBay. They claim to “hear you,” but that’s just a marketing ploy. They don’t actually listen to consumer responses at all. The goal is still the same for the dealerships, and has caused them to abuse the online space. An industry standard now, is to display incredible cars at insanely good deals online. When the customer comes to the lot, that vehicle is no longer available – or may never have been available. And now the buyer has fallen into the trap. They are live game in a hunt where a salesperson swoops in and offers a diet coke and a hot dog in an attempt to ease your fears and oversell you a car you didn’t come for. Seriously though… what is in those hot dogs that convinces buyers to stick around? Do they feel guilty? Do they feel like they owe the dealership something in return? Or does the “I’m now stuffed and tired” process take place, rendering them incapable of leaving the chair? If you feel like you owe them something, I’d suggest dropping a dollar bill on their desk and walking out, rather than spending $15.9k (national average) on a car in exchange for that hot dog.

What It Means for Car Buyers

Someone is listening. Car buyers have long been asking for a better way to buy cars; a way where they get exactly what they want, at a great price, without haggling, or getting burnt, and in a timely manner. For most dealerships, that is absolutely absurd! You get one or another, and RARELY ever will buyers get two of those expectations met. It is 2015, people! You deserve all those expectations to be met, and you can have all of them met now that used car sales have moved online.

Similar to eBay all those years ago, we are taking it a step further – unlike eBay, we are listening and adapting. Buyers now have a resource where they are in control of the process. Where they pick the type of car they want, including makes, models, colors, price range, and all other features, then get the vehicle delivered directly to their door! No need to step on a lot and buy a car you didn’t want in the first place, and no more losing out on your perfect car that is too far across the country for you to go pick up. So click away for the best car buying experience you’ll ever have.

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