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Mission Statement

Five Star Auto Direct’s mission is to fundamentally change the way people buy a car. We seek to throw out worn and disrespectful sales tactics and bring a refreshing and professional change to the industry. Integrity in all we do is part of our DNA. We abhor negativity. We joy in solutions. We empower customers with a professional experience, where we respect their time, their finances, and their needs. We seek world class technologies to break new ground on customer experience. We are solution-driven to provide excellence in the marketplace. We create, daily, a winning culture where the shouldas, wouldas, and couldas of yesterday have no place, and the progress of the individual this moment, this day, and tomorrow reigns supreme. We create massive value within our areas of responsibility. Nothing is below us, nothing is above us! We have urgency and hustle in our step. We convey our message with energy, excellence, and integrity. We work as a team, where the most incredible thoughts, solutions, and epiphanies of the day are shared openly amongst our respected associates. We are servant leaders. We give credit where credit is due. Together we work to shatter glass ceilings and break the mold of complacency. We seek earnestly to make the world a better place by providing supreme service and great value to good people everywhere.

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Five Star Auto Direct
Five Star Auto Direct, LLC
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Phone: (385) 223-6888
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