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Ditch the Dealership™

Choose the make, model, options, & more.
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Ditch the Dealership

We'll find the car you want
and deliver it to your door.

Glenn Beck Five Star Auto Direct

"I'll never buy a car any other way ever again;
They absolutely blew my mind."

Glenn Beck

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We go the distance. Literally.

When you limit your search area, you limit your options. We take care of that.


Expand your search!

The average distance someone will commute to buy a car is only 75 miles. Talk about limited options!

At Five Star Auto Direct, we extend your reach beyond your local area by searching the entire country and bringing the best deal to your doorstep.

Now you can buy your dream car from the comfort of your underwear. Don't worry - we won't judge.

Do you value your time? We sure do!

That's why our services are modeled after the exact opposite of traditional lots.

Faster Signing

Faster Signing

Our average signing time is just 5 minutes - that's 5 hours less than the current dealership standard!

Fast Delivery

Prompt Delivery

Our average US delivery time is between 48 and 72 hours, regardless of distance or services needed.

Better Pricing

Better Value

Not only can we save you time and money over traditional lots, we'll also save you from traditional sales reps. Talk to an expert broker that is actually objective and can recommend based on your needs. Imagine that!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Worries

Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected, detailed, and serviced to make sure you get exactly what you asked for.

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Five Star Auto Direct Staff

Five Star Auto Direct is changing the way you buy a car!

Five Star Auto Direct treats customers better than any other auto dealer, period. There’s a reason we’re called Auto Direct: our sources allow us to get your exact car, truck, or SUV, all at an affordable price. We will scour the entire US to find your exact vehicle.

Where else can you PRE-SELECT the make, model, mileage, and options? When you Pre-Select your perfect vehicle, you save time and money while enjoying a hassle-free experience. Plus, you get exactly what you want!

Get in touch with us to see why we’re the best deal on the planet. You can use our tool above to Pre-Select your dream car, and one of our brokers will check in with details and availability. If you haven’t settled on anything specific, let our brokers recommend something specific based on price, fuel economy, and reliability.

Call, click, or come by today!

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