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What if There’s an Easier Way to Buy Used Cars?

What if There’s an Easier Way to Buy Used Cars?

Used car sales have long been linked with shady practices and false promises. Ridiculous numbers of hours – sitting in a lobby, or at a sales desk, haggling over a price where ‘sales managers’ claim to have no wriggle room (however do), suffocating you with a bloated monthly payment. If you’ve ever seen the hit movie, Avatar (no not that terrible airbender one), the one with Sam Worthington and the Na’vi – buying a car is like picking your own Ikran, or mountain banshee. You know… those flying creatures. You go to a location where several cars/Ikran sit around, and you chose the one you want. Then you have to brawl with the creature/salesperson, narrowly escaping death in order to make your Tsaheylu (bond) with magical squid-like tentacles out of your pony tail… or using your key in the ignition, whatever. From then on, it is bound to you. It lifts you and carries you away to wherever you want to go.

Flying banshee


The whole process is almost barbaric, yet we keep doing it. The way we buy shaving razors has even changed significantly over the years, but we as consumers continue to sit across that sales desk, watching one more Diet Coke being slid our way while we get a bad deal on our cars. We buy clothes online without trying them on, we buy electronic gadgets online without taking them for a test run, and that is what Five Star Auto Direct is doing to the auto industry – Fundamentally changing the way to buy a car.

There is an easier way to buy cars!

Imagine sitting at home in your underwear, and having your next car delivered to your door; certified, serviced, detailed, and hours of your time still at your disposal! Imagine if you didn’t have to settle for the maroon car with 15,000 more miles on the odometer simply because it’s the only car close to your expectations on the lot (darn, I really wanted the midnight blue). Imagine being excited to drive your new car; instead of lying down at the end of the day in pain and physical exhaustion from hours of “negotiation” and getting yanked around, losing every time. Stop imagining now… it’s real! From make, model, miles, color, interior, options, even down to the number of previous owners if that’s important to you, Five Star Auto Direct will scrape the entire Country to find your PERFECT car, and have it delivered to your door, hassle-free. No lengthy brawls, no magical squid-like tentacles. The process is painless, and you can read more about it here.

Does it work?

Cars have been quietly delivered all over the country; under the radar for over a year, and it is absolutely blowing people’s minds. Check out what Glenn Beck had to say about it:

In my conversations with humans about Five Star, a constant response I get is, “what about the experience of sitting behind the wheel and driving a vehicle for yourself before buying it?” The answer is simple. Didn’t people used to say that about buying electronics? “I can go down to Best Buy, test a few different models with my hands, and walk out of the store with it myself.” What actually happens now? People go down to Best Buy, test drive the electronics, then turn around and buy the devices online for a better deal. If you’d like to test drive a vehicle, you can still go do that, and then find the better deal with Five Star Auto Direct.

If the simple answer isn’t good enough, this is the more complicated answer. It also comes down to the individual’s expertise with vehicles. Even sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle, can you REALLY tell if something is going on under the hood or elsewhere? How many times have you opened up the hood to look at the engine and actually known what you were looking at? I have no idea what i'm doing

Dealers consistently clear the codes so check engine lights don’t appear illuminated during your test drives, and then kick right back on in just a few short weeks (this really happened to me). “What’s it going to take to get you in that car today?” They ask. A cleared code might sway you to get in the car, but you’re still getting the bad deal. Driving it yourself won’t reveal the problem until it’s too late, and the salesperson surely isn’t going to confess if something’s wrong with it. Five Star Auto obliterates that fear and unknown as all vehicles are checked by professionals in advance, disclosed to you, then serviced before getting dropped off at your door. The major difference here, is if a traditional lot salesperson discloses the true status of the vehicle and you say “no,” they lose that business (hence the hesitation to tell you). When Five Star discloses the true status, if you say “no,” the search will continue until the exact vehicle you want is found, and approval given before pulling the trigger. That fear and liability is removed from both parties, making everyone win.

It’s really THAT easy.

Whenever it comes to buying a car, ditch the dealership. Five Star Auto Direct will blow your mind like it has so many others already. You’ll get the exact vehicle of your dreams, hassle-free, no fear of the unknown, and delivered to your door. You will never want to buy a car the “old way” ever again. And who knows… there could even be a Diet Coke in the cup holder of the vehicle in your driveway – so you can have your cake and (drink) it too.

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