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Roger Comstock
Roger Comstock, CEO

Five Star’s CEO, Roger Comstock, started his love for all things cars as a kid, when at 4 years old he would look at the pictures of his Dad’s subscription to Road and Track, Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and Popular Mechanics. By the age of 5 he could read them cover to cover. He remembers standing (his mom would be doing hard time today) on the bench seat of his mom’s car and pointing at virtually any car and naming it, also adding that the motor is a “225 cu in. slant 6”. Things most people don’t know and don’t care about. The car bug had bit hard!

Fast forward a couple decades and he had experienced the hours of haggling, the Diet Cokes stacked, the, “let me crunch these numbers with my manager” 5,6,7 hour or more car buying process that occurs still to this day, virtually every second of every day in this country. He thought, “this sucks!” There has to be a better way.

Some years ago, after selling one of his companies to a major corporation, he did some research and marketing to test a simple premise: is the American Public thirsty for a change to the traditional way of buying a car? The response was overwhelming. He made a note that someday he would come back to serve the American public, to bless their lives with a better way. That day is today!

Five Star Auto Direct is fundamentally changing the way people buy cars. Car buying is about choice. Yours. We find your exact car: make, model, color, options, miles. We put our team to work and scour the entire country for your car. We don’t rest until the car we’ve found is the exact one you want. We send you pics, the Carfax, pertinent information on its history and use, ie one or two owners, where it is from, ie, So Cal,etc. We give you multiple choices. Once you say “Yes!”, our team goes into action to transport, do needed repairs, service it, then land it in your driveway! No more hassle. Total Peace of Mind. Five Star=the best overall value on Planet Earth!

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Five Star Auto Direct
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